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In this area you can download a variety of topical articles, many by CLC's founder, book author and leading educationist - Barbara Prashnig. These interesting, in-depth and often challenging pieces fall into the categories of business, education and general subject matter. These articles are updated regularly, so check back often.

Business Articles

Different Strokes
by Yvonne Eve Walus
Yvonne Walus advises to maximise your potential break out of the crowd and do it your way. In this article readers can find out their own style and whether they are more left or right brain dominant.

Do Business in Style
by Barbara Prashnig
People in business can utilise a new ‘human technology’ to improve their work performance and job satisfaction, explains Barbara Prashnig in this extract from her first book, DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH.

Practicing what she preaches
by Marshar Kaye
Barbara Prashnig, author and pioneer in the world of accelerated learning techniques and individual working styles, has used her own methodologies to save her marriage.

Women’s Business
by Patricia Langridge
Book author and Director of Training & Research, Barbara Prashnig, chief executive officer, explains, “The focus of Learning Styles is on an individual’s own strengths and preferences, an approach that makes learning fun and a whole lot easier.

Education Articles

10 False Beliefs About Learning Cause High Stress and Burnout IN TEACHERS
by Barbara M. Prashnig
Discipline problems in class, negative attitudes towards school in general, and so called learning disabilities can be eradicated, as research shows, if teaching methods are used that make young people more responsive. These student centred methods are particularly useful for students who cannot learn and retain information in ways traditional education provides.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) or Mismatched Learning and Working Styles?
by Barbara Prashnig
Barbara Prashnig, Director of Creative Learning Centre in Auckland investigates whether such "disorders" like inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity are symptoms of a ”new sickness” including learning disabilities or if these problems are the result of mismatched Learning Styles from an early age on, continued and reinforced through years of unsuitable educational instructions in our school systems.

Don’t Teach Me – Let Me Learn!
by Barbara Prashnig
The Learning Styles of Dropouts and At-Risk Students
Barbara Prashnig, M.A., Director of the Creative Learning Centre in Auckland explains why some students fail and some succeed - with the same teacher, from the same family!

Help, My Teacher Doesn't Know My Learning Style!
by Barbara Prashnig
Barbara Prashnig, Emeritus Professor and book author explains why Learning Styles is much more than Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning Methods as so often wrongly described.

Learning Styles - Here to Stay
by Barbara Prashnig
All students could learn... if we only knew how to teach them....
Barbara Prashnig, M.A., Emeritus Professor and Director of the Creative Learning Centre in Auckland, explains how through a 10-Step Action Plan the introduction of Learning Styles in our schools could help eliminate so called learning disabilities, underachievement, drop out problems and students at risk.

General Articles

“Left Brain – Right Brain, Get Your Head Together….”
by M.E.Freeley & J Perrin
Not all students process information the same way. Here’s how to include activities for both the left- and right-brain processors in your class.
Barbara Prashnig, Director of Creative Learning Centre in Auckland, wants every teacher to know about the importance of different thinking styles in the human brain and how this translates into different learning styles.

Staff Training in Style - A Manual for Creating Permanent Motivation and Skills
by Barbara Prashnig
Barbara Prashnig, M.A. Director of the Creative Learning Centre in Auckland offers an inspiring approach to staff training in times when teachers, principals and administrators suffer from heavy workloads and stress due to changes in the education system and new curriculum developments.

Underachievement – The Unnecessary Disease.
by Barbara Prashnig
Could Learning Styles be the cure?
For those not yet familiar with the concept of Learning Styles, Barbara Prashnig, author of 'Diversity is our Strength' explains why the Learning Styles approach in teaching and learning seems to hold the answers to underachievement and school failure, to homework stress, parent despair and teacher burnout, and why it is a 'must' for everyone to know how their style preferences influence any learning process.